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Rice Story

Rice is the most widely consumed staple food in Asia. Several countries in Asia produce rice, and Thailand is the largest rice exporter of all. An ancient kingdom at the heart of Asia renowned for extraordinary natural beauty and its prosperous soil and climate, Thailand has a heritage of rice cultivation dating back nearly 6,000 years and with half the population still continuing this ancient rice tradition.

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It is little wonder that Thailand today is home to the world’s finest grain, “THAI HOM MALI RICE”. This precious grain has world-famous reputation for its appearance and texture when cooked, but most of all, for its aroma which is subtle yet fragrant and effectively complements a wide variety of dishes.

At Super Q, we work with some of Thailand’s finest rice mills to bring exceptional quality rice grains to Singapore. Our years of expertise in rice varieties enables us to know what our customers’ need and provide them with the best value and quality of rice.

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Test the paddy for suitable moisture level. Proceed for milling if moisture level passes.


Clean the paddy to remove impurities such as straw, dirt, dust and stones.


Remove rice husk off from the paddy. At this point, the rice is what we know as brown rice.


Polish the rice to remove out the brown layer which is known as "rice bran". This rice bran can be used to produce rice bran oil.

This is how rice milling is done after harvesting the rice:


Once the rice colour is white after removing the brown layer, use sieves to separate the whole kernels from the broken rice kernels.


Colour sorting is done to sort out the chalky and yellow-ish rice grains.


The rice is then packed with advanced machines.


The packed rice is stored safety in a dry and cool place before being exported.

Rice Background